343 Assures Us We Haven’t Seen the Last of Master Chief

jmaltz@pnosker.com July 27, 2010 0

For those of you who are afraid that they have seen the last of Halo's protagonist with the end of Halo 3, fear not.  Speaking at Comic-Con, 343 industries (the internal microsoft folks responsible for all things Halo) creative director Frank O'Connor stated:

"We'd have to be the world's biggest a**holes not to follow through…. We certainly haven't seen the last of Master Chief."


Despite this teaser, there was no word on exactly what shape the covenant-smashing spartan's next adventure would take.  However, based on the fact that 343 Industries is hiring a ton of game design folks, we're certainly betting Master Chief will be back in action on consoles in the near(ish) future.





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