New Bond Game Confirmed July 18, 2010 0

Yesterday Activision confirmed the existence of an upcoming Bond game.  The next installment in the series will be called James Bond 007: Blood StoneBlood Stone will feature the likeness of Daniel Craig as Bond, Judy Dench as M, and Joss Stone playing the role of Bond girl.  In the game, which had its story written by Bruce Fierstein, players will engage in all the normal activities of a British secret agent: car chasing, hand-to-hand fighting, cover based shooting, and more.  There was no word on whether or not players could also partake in beautiful woman seducing as well.



If you're interested in what the game looks like in motion you can check out the reveal trailer below.



Expect to get your Bond fix this holiday season on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and DS (with its own original version) this holiday season.


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