Study: Killer 2100 Provides Significant Latency Improvements July 15, 2010 0

Back at E3 we got a look at the Killer 2100, the latest Network Interface Card (NIC) from Bigfoot Networks.  While there, we were impressed with both the potetial of the 2100 and the ease of use of its user interface.  In spite of all of this, their were still some unsolved questions about just how well the 2100 performed while gaming.  Well, the folks at Jon Peddie Research have studied just that question and came away with one answer: it performs very well.

The study, which you can find at this link, compares the Killer 2100 vs. On-Board NICs for computers in two classes: mainstream and enthusiast. In both cases, the cards were benchmarked  using RE 5.  In looking at the two sets of cards, the John Peddie institue compared both latency and the std. deviation, which is referred to as jitter.

For the mainstream PC, Bigfoot's NIC was compared against the Intel 82578DC.  The difference in performance between these two cards was drastic, with the 2100 shwoing latency which was 6.2-14.9 times faster and jitter which was 6.3-15.4 better.  The disparity was even more pronounced when the Killer 2100 was benchmarked against the Intel 82567LM-2 on the enthusiast level machine.  In this case, Bigfoot's card demonstrated 27.7-33.0 faster latency and 63.0-85.2 better jitter performance.

When contacted about the report, John Drewry, VP of Marketing for Bigfoot Networks, responded “Different technical reviews so far have compared Killer 2100 to some of the more popular NICs in the marketplace including Intel, Realtek and Marvell. In each case, Killer 2100 demonstrates a significant performance benefit over the on-board hardware. Killer 2100 succeeds due to its unique Game Networking DNA technology which delivers lower latency even during intense gameplay.”

So, the numbers are there to support Bigfoot's claims about it's latest NIC, all thats left is a hands-on review before we can fully recommend it.  Luckily, we should be able to answer just that question within the next week, as we should be getting a 2100 sent to us for review shortly.

[Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100] –  $123.39

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