Indie Smash Slam Bolt Scrappers Heading to PSN July 13, 2010 0

Sony Online Entertainment announced today that Slam Bolt Scrappers, Fire Hose's indie title which blew away critics and fans alike at PAX East this year, will be coming exclusively to PlayStation Network in early 2011.


Slam Bolt Scrappers is a game which is part tetris, part tower defense.  In it, up to four players can work either cooperatively or against each other to put together weaponized block structures, all while defending against your opponents and attacking creeps.  The game will feature both a full battle mode and a co-op campaign which presents players with "deviously charming baddies, epic bosses, and fun, cartoony levels."


Expect craziness like this when you play Slam Bolt Scrappers


We'll keep you posted as more information on Slam Bolt Scrappers becomes available.


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