Split/Second Coming To PSP and PSPGo Holiday 2010

jmaltz@pnosker.com July 7, 2010 0

Disney Interactive Studios announced today that Split/Second, the kart racing title for Grown-ups, will be coming to another platform later this year. The game, which was already released for consoles, PC and iPhone, will be jumping into the palm of your hands this holiday season on the PSP and PSPGo.

Split/Second, which received Game Critics' Awards Best Racing Game of E3 2009, flips the script on arcade racing games, throwing racers into a reality show with a set ready to explode.  Players can use this environment to their advantage as they go through the tracks, using skillful driving to trigger "power plays", explosive moments which alter the track and slow your opponents down.

Boom goes the Dynamite

The PSP version, which is yet to receive an official price, bring fans of the series local multiplayer in addition to a new track and challenges which aren't available to players on other platforms.

We'll keep you posted as more news about Disney's explosive racer comes out.



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