SteelSeries Announces Co-Branded Starcraft II Products June 24, 2010 0

With the release of Starcraft II just over a month away, SteelSeries announced yesterday that it would be creating a special line of co-branded peripherals just for Starcraft fans.

SteelSeries will be offering "a complete gaming solution" with the StarCraft II Limited Edition Zboard gaming keyboard bundle.  This bundle will include the SteelSeries Zboard Base with Z Engine II software, a QWERTY Keyset for when you are not gaming and the SteelSeries Limited Edition ZboardTM Keyset specially designed for Starcraft II.



The upcoming SCII Zboard

This keyset will provide labeled commands, in-game shortcuts, official artwork from the game, and can be modded to support race specifc abilities.  What's more, the Z Engine II software, you will be able to remap every key on the keyboard for maximum performance and a completely customized experienced.

SteelSeries also announced a line of StarCraft-II Qck Limited Edition mouse pads.  These two pads, the Tychus Findlay and Marauder, showcase in-game art, with the "iconic" terran marine and terran heavy infantry unit respectivley.


The two new mousepads


The keyboard bundle will retail for $69.99 although the keyset will be sold separately for $24.99 while the mousepads will set you back $14.99.  Look for them to be released on July 27th, the same date as StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty comes out.

[Zboard Limited Edition Keyset Starcraft II]-$24.99 (no links yet)

[QcK Limited Edition (Tychus Findlay)]-$14.99(no links yet)

[QcK Limited Edition (Marauder)]-$14.99(no links yet)







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