New Xbox 360 To Avoid RRoD By Shutting Down June 21, 2010 0

When it was revealed at the Microsoft press conference that the new Slim 360 solved the problem of the dreaded Red Ring of Death many gamers, including myself, who had been beset by the problem rejoiced.  Today, it was revealed that he solution Microsoft found wasn't exactly perfect.


Now, if your system isn't properly ventilating (which was the previous source of the RRoD problems) a red light will appear in the middle of the power button and this message will appear:



Yes, that is right, your Xbox 360 will shut down mid-game session in order to avoid problems with the dreaded red ring.  This does seem inconvenient and annoying at times, but personally I'd prefer to keep my console and not have my last 10 minutes of gameplay saved than visa versa.  No word yet as to how frequently you'll be seeing this screen (although it presumably depends on the area you put your slim in).


Source: Engadget

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