Day 2 Impressions June 17, 2010 0

So, day two is in the books and I've finally gotten to see some of the coolest stuff that has come out of the show this year in addition to even more of the titles that will be in your consoles over the next months.  Today I was able to get my hands on the ARDrone, toy around with the Kinect a little bit, experience the Playstation Move and 3D for the first time as well as get my hands on the next Castlevania game the upcoming Dungeon Siege 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean game.  If you don't feel like reading individual impressions, here's your complete rundown of everything in brief.

  • Sony's big announcements feel gimmicky and like they lack innovation. Sure, 3D games is a cool idea, but after getting a chance to play Motorstorm in 3D it didn't enhance the experience all that much.  Add this to the fact that the glasses are 150 dollars and you need to get a new TV in order to play them effectively and it's getting a pass, at least from me.  Also, I'm going to steal a term I heard at one of my press meetings today and just call the Playstation Move the PSWii, because that's honestly what it is.  Sure, it is fun, but Sony shouldn't be act like they're reinventing the wheel with their new product
  • I'm intrigued by Assassin's creed's multiplayer mode.  It has the potential to be really really cool or really really lame.  The inability to detect your pursuers before they lock onto you and directly threaten your life is a buzz kill.  At the same time, it could bear itself out to be a really great concept.  Either way, the game will probably be a purchase day one just because the single player will probably be that good.
  • People are excited for the 3DS, more so than anything else at the show by far.  It will be interesting to see if this is simply a product of Nintendo's loyal fan base or if the general public will echo this support.
  • Talking to developers can be incredibly frustrating at times, avoid it at all costs if you can.  Literally I sat in a meeting with Square today where the only response they gave to about six different questions was something along the lines of "we haven't announced anything about that yet", it was infuriating.
  • High price might be the only stumbling point of the Kinect.  I haven't gotten a full hands on of Kinect yet, but my partner did and he loved it, everyone who I've talked to has loved it.  It seems to be everything that the eyetoy hoped to be but couldn't fully succeed at.  However, with the price point being so high the sales could fall short of what's hoped
  • The hyper-realistic shooter may have reached its pinnacle over the past year.  In all the shooter titles I've played it seems like they are only tweaking that formula slightly.  Don't be surprised if after this generation of shooters the general trend is in a slightly different direction, perhaps more towards what Platinum is working on with Vanquish, which, although it wasn't faultless, was fun and seemed fresh.
  • It will be interesting to see how EA MMA and UFC Undisputed try to differentiate themselves.  In talking to developers they seemed to have difficulty answering questions about how they were different.
  • I won't get a hold of everything I want to see and you want to read about, for which I apologize.  On the bright side, I should get a full hands on of Kinect from Microsoft tomorrow and Valve was also kind enough to let us check out their press only video of Portal 2.
  • PR people are still the best people ever

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