FF XIII Freezes Cause A Lawsuit…Because This Is America

jmaltz@pnosker.com June 6, 2010 0

If you or someone you know has had a defective copy of Final Fantasy XIII which caused your PS3 to freeze up or become totally inoperable, there’s a possibility that you could be receiving money to cover the costs of the repair.  Daniel Wolf, a gamer from California, has recently filed a class action lawsuit against both Sony and Square Enix in regards to this problem.

The lawsuit alleges that Square Enix’s latest title in the Final Fantasy series causes PS3s to freeze up and then become inoperable after playing Final Fantasy XIII.  Following the PS3s being bricked, the lawsuit futher alleges that neither Square nor Sony took responsibility for the problem. Sony blamed the problem on Square, offering to replace the consoles only after gamers paid upwards of $200 dollars for a new system; Sony also allegedly was not willing to guarantee that new consoles wouldn’t break nor would they offer an extended warranty.  On the other hand, Square blamed the problem on a preexisting flaw in the PS3, only offering consumers a new copy of FFXIII once it started freezing. All in all, the suit seeks over $5,000,000 dollars in damages.



We’ll keep you posted as this story unfolds, as it seems to raise an interesting question about console makers’ liabilities in relation to the consoles they sell.

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