Killzone 3 Release Date Revealed, Move Compatible May 27, 2010 0

A source over at CVG has revealed a bunch of information regarding the next game in the PS3 exclusive series.  According to an unnamed source, the game is currently internally slated for release in May 2011 release.  The source also confirmed that the game will be compatible with Sony’s move camera, although no details on exactly what that functionality would be.  The use of stereoscopic 3D was also officially confirmed by Sony yesterday.

More details were also spilled on the multiplayer aspect of the game. “Guerilla is working on a standard
two-player, co-op – as you’d expect – but there’s also an
objective-based separate four-player co-op mode in the works, too”.  There is also the possibility of vehicles in multiplayer, although the source could not confirm that.

Finally, in one last piece of Killzone news, developer Guerilla Games has squashed rumors that they are working with Uncharted 2 developer Naughty Dog on the engine technology.  The rumor started when a Kotaku report stated that a group of developers from Naughty Dog were helping Guerilla with the Graphics Engine.  However, a more recent article from the same publication has revealed that the graphics engine will be entirely the work of Guerilla games.

 We’ll keep you posted as more details come out about this blockbuster come out.

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