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Well, if you’re reading this you must be at least a little bit interested in me, for which I’m a little bit flattered.  My name, as you can tell, is Jonathan Maltz and I am currently a sophomore at Rutgers University majoring in Computer Science and History (yeah, I know, crazy combination).  One fun fact about me is that unlike 90% of the students at Rutgers, I am not from New Jersey, but instead hail from the town a Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania, a typical suburban town which, is probably most famous for its all women college.  Also, if you’ve heard anything recently about a school spying on its students through laptops, that was my high school, so I guess that counts for something.

I’ll be writing on here about videogames, probably because Pat, Kyle and co. have me far outstripped in technology and science knowledge.  I started playing videogames when I was little, as one Christmas my mother decided it was a good idea to give our family a playstation for Christmas.  I don’t remember what year that was, although it did come with a Twisted Metal demo, but ever since then I’ve been gaming more or less nonstop.  Throughout the years I’ve played or owned pretty much every gaming console that has come out, from the Playstation, through the Dreamcast, and now I currently own an Xbox 360.  You will mostly find me playing pretty much anything that Matt isn’t playing, although fighting and driving games have always been my kryptonite. 

When I’m not playing videogames I generally try to keep myself as occupied as possible.  This year I’m beginning research in how to use directed acyclic graphs to help students plan out their courses at Rutgers.  I am also fascinated by most anything that has a compelling book written about it, so I spend most of my summers reading about everything from spycraft to human decision making processes.  Other than that I like to rock climb, play Magic, watch romantic comedies, and bringing smiles to people through cooking (yes all of those are true).  I look forward to writing for you in the future and hopefully can provide something interesting to read.


If you happen to be interested in what I have to say and want more of me (for some strange reason) you can follow me on twitter at @maltzj




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