See the New HD LCD Monitor 3 for the PlayStation 3

Seung Lee June 28, 2012 0
See the New HD LCD Monitor 3 for the PlayStation 3

The fine people over at the company Hori have been working on an upgraded version of their HD LCD Monitor 3. Today, they’ve released the first images of their new project. The new HD LCD Monitor 3 will replace the AV multi and composite inputs with HDMI and D-Terminal inputs. Basically, if you want a better viewing experience on the PS3 while being mobile, the new model is right up your alley.

Unfortunately though, the cost of the HD LCD Monitor 3 is rather steep. The suggested price tag for it over in Japan is 26,800 yen which is roughly $337.96 USD. If you really love your PS3 and you’re going to be moving around a lot, then it just might be worth it for you to pick one of these up. It’s not yet known if this new model will support non-slim PS3 models. Considering that the old model didn’t however, it’s unlikely that this revised one will.

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HD LCD Monitor 3

It's sort of a portable PS3..

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