Nintendo Reveals Larger 3DS XL

Shane Chandler June 23, 2012 0

Nintendo has announced their upcoming redesign to the 3DS, a 90% screen size increase. Along with the increased screen size, Nintendo is promising a longer battery life and bundling with a 4 GB SD card. Nintendo released this information via a Nintendo Direct video weeks after a lackluster E3 showing. In what seems like an attempt to keep manufacturing cost down, an AC adapter will not be included with the 3DS XL.

Nintendo didn’t stop there though. Releasing alongside the 3DS XL on July 28th are two new titles: New Art Academy and Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations, Alive!. Both of these games are appropriate to the newly enlarged screens as their main features are utilizing one’s creativity. New Art Academy teaches players real-world drawing and painting techniques through fun and interactive art lessons while Freakyforms gives the player the opportunity to bring creatures they imagine to life.

The 3DS XL, as well as both previously mentioned titles, will be available in Europe on July 28th with a later release date scheduled for the US. For more information, or to watch the Nintendo Direct video yourself, please visit

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