Blizzard says “Diablo III Servers NOT Hacked”

Michael Foley May 24, 2012 1
Blizzard says “Diablo III Servers NOT Hacked”

Blizzard updated Diablo III’s official forums at today announcing that the Diablo III servers have not been hacked. Primarily addressing security concerns Blizzard also said that the number of players who have contacted the company about potential account compromises is “extremely small.”

The company went on to say that it is aware that account compromises are happening in such a way that is outside the norm or “traditional” methods, specifically calling out “session spoofing.” Blizzard said that it has already looked into this possibility and apparently found no reason to think that user accounts are being hacked this way. The company even went far as to say that such exploits were “technically impossible.”

The highly anticipated Diablo III launch has come with mixed results, proving more problematic to the company which should be used to large game launches. Blizzard stated that it is “working around the clock” to address the issues as they come up.

This marks the second time this week alone that Blizzard has had to address security concerns over Diablo III. On Tuesday, the advice was for players to use authenticator programs as the issues were not originating from Blizzard’s update also revealed that it had made several hotfixes in an attempt to remedy the issues in gameplay Diablo III has had since its launch last week. You can take a look at the Diablo III website for a list of these fixes.

Blizzard Entertainment also announced that it will be rolling out a patch next week that should apply bug fixes and address many players’ issues.

And to end it all, Blizzard addressed the further delay of the Diablo III real money auction house stating that it needs “a bit more time to iron out the existing general stability and gameplay issues.”

But despite the initial slew of hiccups the game has faced, Diablo III continues to sell. Over 3.5 million units were sold at its launch alone, setting a new all-time record for fastest selling PC game. You can check out one of our writers’ first impressions on the game here.

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