EU Antitrust Regulators Target Google

Aaron Holtzman May 22, 2012 0
EU Antitrust Regulators Target Google

In November 2010, the EU launched an investigation to probe the California-based company.  Google has not been the only company to be targeted, it finds itself along with 14 others (including Microsoft and Expedia).  After two years the European Commission concluded the company broke and continues to break EU competition law.

This conclusion gives Google an opportunity to come up with solutions for the problems, which included discriminating against rivals on searches and advertising contracts.  The commission is also concerned about how Google displays links to other search engines differently from that of itself.

Google retorted by stating it is not breaking competition law through the right of free-speech.  Google also said it is easy for users to use other search eng, so if users find Google to be discriminatory to their taste they can take their queries elsewhere.

This is not the first time Google has been challenged, and most certainly will not be the last with the ever evolving internet law.  What will happen is still undefined, Google must either address these issues, or roll up the sleeves and get ready for court.

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