FreedomPop Promises Free Mobile Broadband Internet to All

Patrick Nosker February 15, 2012 0
FreedomPop Promises Free Mobile Broadband Internet to All

Like republic wireless, FreedomPop plans to shake up the mobile broadband market by offering completely free access. Originally, FreedomPop was set to use LightSquared’s service which has now been shut down by the FCC for allegedly interfering with the GPS system. Today, they signed a deal with Clear to offer Wi-Max and eventually 4G LTE service to the entire nation.

Founded by a Co-Founder of Skype, FreedomPop plans to use advertising to pay for free mobile broadband. It will loan users a device for a deposit and provide them with access to the internet. Possibly by displaying a banner on the top of your screen similar to the days of free dial-up internet provided by NetZero and FreeI, the ad money provided by the banners could pay for the service. Of course, high consumption users might not be able to use the free service and instead may be able to pay a low rate for a higher bandwidth cap plan. FreedomPop expects 85% of its users to pay nothing.

Lets hope FreedomPop can shake up the wireless broadband industry which is plagued with rapidly rising costs, additional fees, and plans that seem to shrink allowances.

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