Minecraft creator won’t mind if you pirate his game

Matt Evangelist January 12, 2012 0
Minecraft creator won’t mind if you pirate his game

Remember how game developers and their respective companies continually remind everyone to not pirate their games? Turns out Minecraft creator Notch isn’t one of them.

A recent post on Twitter reveals that he doesn’t really mind if people pirate the game…so long as they feel bad about it.

Remember though: Minecraft has an obscene amount of legitimate players at over four million. Also note that Minecraft isn’t a big-budget game and a good chunk of players got into it through word of mouth alone, though the eventual avalanche of gaming media coverage certainly helped it out later on. I’m pretty certain Notch isn’t concerned about the money at this point and realizes that some people were going to pirate Minecraft anyway.

Remember though: piracy, no matter the circumstances, is illegal and can get you in some serious trouble with the law. Yes, not everyone gets caught, but if you do you will be paying far more than any game could ever cost.

Don’t do it. If you wonder why things like SOPA exist, thank piracy. Do not be part of the problem.


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