Honda Presents Futuristic Autonomous Drive At Tokyo Motor Show

Ken Hong December 1, 2011 0
Honda Presents Futuristic Autonomous Drive At Tokyo Motor Show

In today’s society of ever-competitive world of business, companies need to be more innovative than ever to gain an edge for appealing consumers. Honda tried doing that in the transportation department with its new concept of futuristic car ‘riding’ experience.

Honda introduced the AC-X concept based on its new futuristic four door plug-in hybrid sedan. AC-X also known as “Advanced Cruise eXperience” is a sporty Tron-type car that could autonomously drive itself to its destination while the driver just sits back and enjoy the cruise. This “Automatic Drive Mode Support” tucks the new feature of yokes for the traditional wheel into the dashboard, reclines the front seats, while bringing up an ottoman for the legs of the driver as it cruises to its destination.

Now, it all look and sound pretty cool but I’m not sold on this as the future to driving. Some people actually enjoy doing the driving, not to mention will people really entrust their life in an autonomous vehicle? Like any other ‘future’ product, the full detail is not yet disclosed, but it might just be better as an idea on paper than anything else.

With a 1.6 liter 4-cylinder engine and two electric motors, the electric vehicle maxes out at 62 mph with a traveling range of 31 miles, that sure doesn’t sound too futuristic.

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