XGear Smart Cover Enhancer Snap On Case Review

Matthew Torino July 4, 2011 0

Probably the most popular iPad 2 cover would have to be the Apple Smart Cover. It's available in the Apple Store right next to the iPads and is shown protecting the expensive gadget in many of the ads, including the ones in the entrance to the Apple Store. Yet it only covers the screen. What if you want to cover the back of your iPad 2? That's where the XGear Smart Cover Enhancer Snap On Case comes in. Read our review after the jump. 

There isn't much to this. It's specifically designed to be able to work with the Apple Smart Cover and unless you have that or something that serves a similar purpose, this probably isn't worth it. It's only made to protect the back, already metal, part of the iPad. While that part may not have much potential of busting open, it easily gets scratched and scuffed and those are only magnified by the silver coloring. Whenever you move your iPad 2 in the light, you'll see those scratches staring you in the face. 

But this will solve that problem. It's only made of plastic so I don't know how it will hold up over the long term but it will protect the backside of your iPad 2. The plastic will be able to absorb all of the punishment that your iPad 2 will naturally endure through wear and tear. Even if it breaks down after a while, your iPad 2 will still look pristine. 

Obviously the most important thing an iPad 2 cover can protect is the screen and that's already taken care of if you get an Apple Smart cover. Whether you buy this depends on how much you care about the back of your iPad 2. If you don't care at all, don't buy this; it's not worth it. It's not going to protect the screen or really cushion it from any falls. 

But if you really want to keep the back pristine, this is as well as you're going to do. So by all means, if protection of that silver backside is in your best interests, then this is the case for you. 

[ X-Gear Smart Cover Enhancer for iPad 2 ] – $19.99

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