Proporta Hard Shell Black Cover for iPad 2 Review

Matthew Torino July 4, 2011 0

Here we are with another shell for the iPad 2 from Proporta. While most early iPad 2 cases focuses on protecting the ever important screen as opposed to the comparatively unimportant back, more and more niche companies are releasing shells like this one to capitalize on that space in the market. So here's our review of the Proporta Hard Shell Black Cover for iPad 2!

Like our previous reviews of shells, it really all comes down to how much you want to protect the backside of your iPad 2. The screen isn't going to be helped at all by this; it's designed to be used with the Apple Smart Cover. Nothing out of the ordinary there. These companies' hands are forced in designing shells with the most popular case in mind. That part takes care of the screen while this one takes care of the back and does an admirable job in that regard. 

Made of polycarbonate, this case is specifically designed to be able to prevent bumps, scratches and bruises that will come to an iPad 2 naturally while in use. There's really nothing you can consciously to prevent them without the use of a shell so Proporta, XGear and others have been trying to cash in on this market. 

And again, it all comes down to how much you want to protect the back of your iPad 2 and if you're willing to spend. This one will run you $33.95 but at least it has a lifetime warranty so even if it wears down, you'll be able to protect the back of  your iPad 2 for life. Unfortunately the iPad 2 probably won't last past a couple of years realistically so that's more overrated than you'd think. Whether it's because there's a better one or the technology becomes too far behind or it just breaks, you probably won't have an iPad 2 in a few years so that lifetime guarantee won't have that much impact. 

It does a very admirable job in protecting the back of your iPad 2 and seems stronger than many competitors. This was probably my personal favorite shell for the iPad 2 but I'm not a big proponent of paying to protect the back. If one came along that blew me away, I'd be in, but I just think the back of the iPad 2 now is too stylish for it to be worth it scratches and all. 

[ Proporta Hard Shell iPad 2 Case ] – $33.95

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