Why To Get an iPad 2

Matthew Torino June 21, 2011 0

In case you've been living under a rock, the Apple iPad and its successor, the aptly named iPad 2, have completely rebooted the Tablet PC market. They've inspired competitors like the Motorola XOOM and imitators like the Samsung Galaxy Tab but none of them have been able to live up to their inspiration. Apple controlled over 80% of the Tablet market in 2010 and look to still control a huge margin even with these new releases whose benefits are basically just flash. However, there's a whole different portion of people debating whether this Tablet is even worth it and I'm here to tell you why you should leave your inhibitions at the door and spring for the Apple iPad 2. 


1. It's not just a big iPod Touch: This was the early perception of the device and honestly in the beginning it was probably right. Apps had to be blown up and looked pixelated and the iPad ran off of iOS 3, which was iPhone/iPod Touch software specifically. That hasn't been the case since the advent of iOS 4 and when iOS 5 comes out soon, things will get even better. The processor, A5, under the hood of the iPad is ridiculously powerful and arguably makes this even more powerful than most netbooks and some laptops. There are other apps like Garage Band and iMovie that need to be experienced on the bigger screen and other apps like Pages, Keynote and others whose functions are specific to the iPad. This machine is getting more and more unique every day. 

2. iOS 5: Once iOS 5 hits in the Fall presumably once the iPhone 5 is released, things are just going to get better and better. The iCloud, which is in beta now on devices running iOS 4.3, will be in full swing and you'll be able to stream music, videos, documents and so much more between your devices. While this may be following the lead of Google and Amazon's similar Cloud drives, Apple's the first company to ink a deal with the record companies. And you won't actually have to upload your iTunes bought music; once it recognizes the song, a copy will be sent from iTunes to your iCloud. There's so much more coming as well that Android can't compete with like iMessage, Newsstand, its eReader function improvement, reminders and increased Twitter integration. iOS 5 is going to blow us all away and increase the iPad's lead in the Tablet market. 

3. The App Store: The Apple App Store is the most exclusive and at the same time most expansive of its kind. After the introduction of it almost five years ago now, all other companies have been following suit. Just look at Google's Chromebooks that operate on apps. Apple was here first and has the most expansive. There are games, word processing, Apple made apps, and so many more. All the apps you know and love have been made popular through the Apple App Store like Angry Birds, Doodle Jump and so much more. This is still the original App Store and everyone else is just trying to catch up.

4. Apple's the only computer company manufacturing these: While companies like Microsoft are way behind in the Tablet market and Google's focusing on Chromebook manufacturing now, Apple's the only major tech company making these. All the competitors, aside from the Galaxy Tab, which blatantly copied Apple's Tablet, are phone companies. They're just trying to make giant Smartphones while Apple is trying to make a more portable computer. There's a huge difference there. Apple's will get more and more advanced and more and more powerful while the others will focus on more phone-esque endeavors. Apple's goals are discernible: they want to replace laptops eventually; Motorola, BlackBerry and others apparently just want to keep up with Apple because they make the iPhone. It doesn't really make sense. Other companies are coming like Acer but it's really too late. Apple got the leg up and they aren't going to let up. They've already vanquished foes facing them and others that missed the boat. 

5. It's Apple: Let's face it, the reason a lot of people buy Apple products are to make them look cool. You always look awesome with Apple products. Maybe it's the logo or just the knowledge that you have one of their products, but no matter what people will notice you. It doesn't hurt that they have the highest reviewed Tablets, laptops and mp3 players. They win at whatever they set their mind to aside from desktops that are just too much money and their operating system which is just too far behind Windows to keep up at this point. What they've gotten the jump on, they've won and they've done it for Tablets as well. You'll look cool and have the best Tablet. Plus it's not any more money for this Apple product which obviously isn't the typical case. 

So that's why not only you should get an iPad 2, but a Tablet. They're a great value from great companies but if you're going to get one, make it an Apple iPad 2. 

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