ViewSonic VX2253mh-LED Monitor Review

Matthew Torino June 21, 2011 0

Computer monitors tend to basically just blend together and just act as a vehicle for some other medium whether it's your PC, Mac or video game system. So it takes a more creative approach to make a monitor stand out. All of the standard ideas have been tapped at this point so it takes something more. And that's what the 22" ViewSonic VX2253mh-LED monitor tries to do and boy does it do it well. 

First, just as an HD monitor, this is fantastic. You basically just plug it in and let it go. While when your PC is plugged in, you still have to change the format to PC from AV, even that's just a slight difference and it isn't a big deal when that's literally all you have to do. The screen is 1080p compatible and there are two HDMI ports in the back of the monitor. There are obviously more than one input so you can plug a console and PC in at the same time and you'll just have to hit a button to switch between the two of them. 

The real selling points of this monitor, obviously besides the 1080p fantastic HD video, are the 40% energy savings as compared to other 22" monitors and the LED backlight, which pretty much is what it says it is. The LED backlight, which only has 21.5" viewable, may be the difference though between this monitor and close competitors. Like I said before, monitors like these are so close that until they get something like Google TV, which would be pointless since they're usually connected to computers, these are all pretty much the same thing differentiated by screen size basically and little else. 

This is a very high end monitor though and very much worthy of your time. It's 22" which is obviously very large. While it's not the Apple Cinema Display, it's certainly more than enough. You can easily see two different windows in the screen at the same time which is, once again, more than enough. 

SRS premium sound is also included in the speakers included in the monitor which is a very nice touch. Things like this are becoming standard and are usually included as laptop speakers as well so again only little things like energy savings and backlights will separate similarly sized monitors. 

All new monitors these days have HDMI ports and high definition video and fast response time and this monitor has all of that. But what puts it over the top is the fantastic LED backlight and the 40% energy savings. Most monitors are the same but this one is just better. 

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