British Teenager Arrested In Connection With PSN Hack

Michael Convente June 21, 2011 0

In breaking news just released, it has been reported that a British 19-year-old has been arrested by police in connection with hacking Sony's PSN.  Police are not commenting on how they determined the individual in custody is connected to the PSN hack, or whether the suspect has any link to the hacker group LulzSec, though they are preliminarily claiming that the individual is suspected of coordinating attacks against "a number of international businesses and intelligence agencies", including Sony.

While this arrest may be a step in the right direction for Sony, it likely is not nearly enough to make up for the massive financial and reputation damage the company has endured the last several months.  After being down for over a month and hearing complaints from angry gamers all over the world, Sony could use any good news they can get, considering that many PSN users were irate at the company for not warning users that their accounts may have been hacked and their credit card numbers stolen.  Sony is also set to take on a massive financial hit by offering every affected PSN user – which analysts total in the millions – free months of service and a free game.  Sony's stock price has dropped 16% since the PSN first went down, and this is on top of an earlier 25% as a result of the Japan tsunami.

Hopefully for Sony this arrest will be a turning point in regaining the trust of its PSN users, but I seriously doubt it.

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