Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Video Removed From Youtube

Michael Convente June 17, 2011 0

Well, today is Friday, so we all know what that means – time to watch Rebecca Black's horrendous (but endearing) "Friday" video.  Interestingly, fans and haters alike of Black's video were surprised to find the video had been removed from YouTube today.

It appears the video was removed from YouTube due to pending litigation brought against Ark Music Factory – the recording "studio" that produced "Friday" – by Black's own family.  Allegedly, Ark now wants to charge $2.99 for each view of "Friday", branding it as a rental video.  Black and her family disagree with Ark's decision and are claiming ownership of the video because they paid Ark to produce it.  Ark obviously disagrees.

Rebecca Black herself sent out a response to the allegations on her Twitter account, clearly denying any responsibility for the video fee:

Of course, there are plenty of parody videos still live on YouTube.  And if you somehow actually like Rebecca's infamous song, I suppose the Glee cover version will suffice until Black's original video gets back on YouTube:


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