Marware Eco-Vue Case for Amazon Kindle 3 Review

Matthew Torino June 17, 2011 0

Once you've reviewed a bunch of Amazon Kindle cases and covers and sleeves like I have, all of them aside from great ones like Otterbox seem to blend together. But when I first put my hands on the Eco-Vue Case for Amazon Kindle 3, something actually stood out and it's a very good thing. 

This is some of the smoothest leather I've ever felt on an Amazon Kindle case. I've reviewed a lot of them at this point and of all the solid leather cases, excluding ones like that from Oberon Design that have designs engraved, this one is the smoothest. By far. It's the best smooth leather I've felt on an Amazon Kindle case and that's saying something. This leather is also uses fewer toxins in its tanning and is RoHS compliant so it's good for the environment as well. 

The inside isn't bad either and is really awesome to the touch. It's smooth yet soft. It'll take care of that delicate Kindle as well as any case designed for casual travel and transportation. The Kindle is held in by a leather structure designed specifically for the Kindle; there aren't bands or cords, just a structure the Kindle slides into. It'll completely stay in place with no problems. 

It's not the thickest but the dual leather will easily protect the Kindle from any kinds of scratches or scuffs and the leather structure holding the Kindle in will act basically as a protector of everything but the screen itself but there's extra padded leather across from that to help protect it. 

This case doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but what it has is of some of highest quality. The leather and all around structure of the Marware Eco-Vue case make it one of the best buys out there to protect your Amazon Kindle with some style. 

And it's a bargain at $34.99! Run out and buy this for a great budget Amazon Kindle case that's probably of higher quality than the more expensive Amazon version. The only difference is the lack of a light but that's what a lamp is for. 

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