Oberon Design Small eReader Sleeve Review for Amazon Kindle 3

Matthew Torino June 13, 2011 0

We have yet another Amazon Kindle 3 cover from acclaimed case maker Oberon Design except this time it's slightly different. Instead of their standard covers as we've previously reviewed, here's our review of the Oberon Design Small eReader sleeve coming up after the jump!

Oberon Design makes beautiful covers for Kindle, iPad and whatever other design you have. If you know anything about eReader or Tablet covers, you know that already. Heck, if you read this website at all, you know that based on my previous reviews. And even though this is a slightly different product, it still maintains all of the Oberon pros with very little lost or changed. 

This sleeve doesn't open like a book like the other Oberon cases and covers we've reviewed; it doesn't open at all and doesn't need to. It's a sleeve in the strictest sense. The Kindle slides in and out. Maybe this would be a problem with a lower quality cover, but with Oberon's high quality leather, no scratches or scuffs will come to your Kindle by using this case. It slides in and out perfectly and causes no problems. 

My only problem is that there's no pewter button to close the case since it's not applicable on the sleeve but it seemed as something close to Oberon Design's trademark but key charms are still included within the package you receive, so it's not a big loss. The charms are basically just smaller versions of the key charms. 

The material and protection are very high class and probably the best out there. It's not going to take Otterbox's title as highest quality of protection, but the style clearly is the best. Our cover depicted the Fleur Di de in a checkerboard pattern in green and looked fantastic. The smaller size may make the design a little smaller just because the sleeve itself is, but the button and cord aren't in the way so you see the design in its full glory. 

While this isn't as large as the other Oberon covers, the sleeve is a portable version of the same product for a lower price. It's more portable and can easily protect your Kindle while providing an unmatched level of style. If you're looking for a sleeve, you really can't do any better than this for your Amazon Kindle 3. 

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