Anthony Weiner’s Wife, Huma Abedin, Pregnant After Twitter Fiasco

Matthew Torino June 8, 2011 0

Well after the fiasco regarding New York representative Anthony Weiner's Twitter picture fiasco and his refusal to resign from his position even after these allegations, now according to the New York Times, even more awful news is coming out. Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, is now pregnant. This is after Weiner had been involved in phone sex with government phones, Twitter private pictures he meant to DM and Facebook sex, which personally I'd never heard of and sounds kind of Tiger Woodsish. But Weiner's life is getting even more ridiculous with this news that's pretty much going to turn him off to every middle aged woman who reads People magazine and wishes Brad had stayed with Jennifer instead of Angelina. 


Abedin, 35, is expecting the couple's first child and is in the early stages of pregnancy. This affair is getting completely ridiculous and may be surpassing the Eliot Spitzer scandal of a couple years ago. Whenever one thing about Weiner comes out, something even more ridiculous and incriminating comes out and this is no different. 


And what's fascinating about this is that it's all using technology aside from the phone sex. Twitter and Facebook are allowing for enhanced sexting and people like Weiner are taking advantage. Who knows how many other guys out there are doing this and not getting caught. You can just look at NBA player Twitters and see how many skanks and baby mamas they're following. While these mediums are basically to connect with other people, the seedy underground sex world was not part of the plan and yet here it is. 

Thanks to these networks, even more of people's private lives are coming out into the public and comedy is coming with it. Whether it's naked pictures being Tweeted or Facebook sex, obviously poised to become a new buzz word, cyber sex is making a huge resurgence. 

Take that late night Comedy Central sex line adds: we have the Internet now!

But it's unknown whether Abedin will be leaving Weiner though she's clearly gotta drop that zero and get herself a hero. They claim they're going to get through this but honestly, I can't see that continuing in the future. While Weiner didn't actually sleep with any of these women, who knows how many haven't been caught. 

Things couldn't get any worse. But that's what we said before this hilarious news. This guy's got problems and…I'm gonna go out on a limb here…won't be reelected when his term is up.

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