God of War IV and Sly 4 at E3 2011?

Matthew Torino June 6, 2011 0

{jcomments on}There are apparently going to be a whopping six PlayStation 3 exclusive titles announced this year at E3 2011. The news hasn’t been announced yet but there’s a very high likelihood it could be. Ranging from a potential new God of War IV to a new Hideo Kojima announcement possibly about Metal Gear Solid, there’s a lot to be excited for at E3 2011 for PS3 owners after the Welcome Back Package was such a joke.

 After a partnership with Sucker Punch and after hints were dropped in their latest game, inFamous 2, it looks like Sly 4 could finally be finding its way to the PS3 system eventually. Gamers have been waiting for this one for a while and hopefully with Sucker Punch killing it with inFamous, this could actually happen.

God of War IV will likely be announced at this year’s conference as well. After previous reports the game will be released in September 2012, there’s more and more evidence that Sony, struggling with its PS3 brand right now, could release info on their posterboy franchise. But even if there’s an announcement, don’t expect more than a trailer. This game isn’t coming out for a while.

Apparently Syphon Filter still exists too. Huh. That’s apparently getting announced as well. Haven’t played that since a demo on the PS1.

Guerrilla Games, developer of Killzone, likely is going to announce a game not related to the aforementioned franchise. They want to expand their portfolio as they probably realize a franchise that really isn’t that beloved by that many people likely isn’t going to go on forever. It can’t really be more disappointing than Killzone turned out to be after that much heralded trailer from long, long ago.

The Heavy Rain people are likely announcing a new game as well but we’ll see about that. Needless to say, we’re excited. They’re apparently working on two different games but we’ll see what gets announced this year.

And other sites are speculating about what Hideo Kojima’s going to do. It’s probably going to be nothing but we’ll see. Hopefully naked Raiden will get his own game to star in but that’s just a homosexual pipe dream. Hopefully they’ll axe all the cut scenes in whatever game they make next because the story ain’t that good Hideo. Nobody wants to sit through that.

Much more is likely to happen at E3 this year regarding PS3 exclusives, so stay tuned to pnosker.com for all the E3 2011 news you could ever need!

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