New Internet Related Words Enter Oxford Dictionary

Matthew Torino June 4, 2011 0

The Internet in all of its stupidity is invading the Oxford Dictionary Online. Our lovely sphere has been influencing the world since it became big but now it’s just getting ridiculous. They are putting in words people don’t actually say outside of text messages such as “ZOMG” and also a word I’ve never heard before: “Twittersphere.” I think they’ve gone crazy or are just trying to be hip or maybe both.

Other new words that I’ve never actually heard people say that are making their way into the famed dictionary include “social graph,” “permalink,” “paperless,” “lifehack” and “lappy.” Maybe I’ve heard one of two of those save paperless which is actually a commonly used word. But the rest of them are ridiculous.

Blog was previously inducted in 2004 when it was one of Merriam Webster’s Words of the Year. Unfollow, a Twitter reference, has apparently also previously been added. I’m not sure if Oxford is just trying to be cool, but this is just sad. Maybe someone out there thinks it’s cool, but I think it’s ridiculous. 

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