Otterbox Apple iPad 2 Defender Series Case Review

Matthew Torino May 31, 2011 0

After reviewing a litany of Amazon Kindle cases recently on, we’re finally moving up into the big leagues in terms of case reviews. That’s right: we’re now reviewing iPad 2 cases and covers. For a review of our first one, the Otterbox iPad 2 Defender Series Case, keep reading after the jump!


iPad 2 cases really aren’t much different from those of the Amazon Kindle and iPod/iPhone variety. They’re basically just bigger in nature and never is that more apparent than with this case from Otterbox. 

We previously reviewed the Defender case for the iPod Touch 2nd/3rd generation and let’s just say that there isn’t much changed here. But that’s not really a bad thing. I declared that that Otterbox case was the premiere iPod Touch case on the market and I’d do the same for this if I had a little more experience reviewing iPad 2 cases.

But really if you’re just interested in pure protection, there’s no case out there that’ll do it better than this one. The inner polycarbonate shell will completely protect the back of the unit from scratches and the silicone outside absorbs any shock that could come to the inner shell. The magic of this dual layer design is that the inside isn’t the prettiest layer but only has to be designed to protect, not be stylish since it’ll be covered anyway.

But it’s basically impossible to injure your device with this case on. The glass front isn't covered though as it is with the iPod Touch/iPhone cases. However, you can still use all features of the iPad 2 through this case. Absolutely nothing is compromised except at times the power button and that’s only really a problem if your iPad requires a lot of resetting as my iPod Touch did.

There’s also a clip on stand that comes with it too so it’s the complete package. It works rather well and does its job which really isn’t hard to do.

If you’re purely looking for protection of your delicate, expensive iPad 2, then there’s nothing out there that’ll do the job better than the Otterbox iPad 2 Defender Series Case. While there are others that have more style, cases ultimately are about protection and no other comes close to this. 

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