Amazon Kindle 3 Lighted Leather Cover Review

Matthew Torino May 25, 2011 0

Here’s the review of the Amazon Lighted Leather Kindle 3 cover finally. We’ve reviewed many other brands of Kindle covers but finally have our own review of the first party device and let’s just say it’s the cream of the crop in at least one function.


Amazon’s signature Kindle case doesn’t have any kind of beautiful design like Oberon or interesting features like Tuff-Luv or M-Edge but what it does have is increased functionality and an amalgamation of many of those features used in other designs. While their covers originally were notorious for cracking Kindle covers with a lack of protection, that’s been changed as well.

The biggest feature of this cover is obviously the “lighted” part. The booklight is built into the cover which makes the cover both convenient and more affordable even considering its increased price point. The light gets the job done but isn’t as bright as the M-Edge Touch Light. It is powered by the battery of your Kindle so there’s no need to ever charge the case either.

The cover itself doesn’t have as much built in thickness as the other competitors which usually is their main selling point against Amazon’s brand. The leather on the outside is quite thick though and seems to hold up very well. It’s not as thick as Oberon or as layered as M-Edge but it more than gets the job done. At this point, pretty much every Kindle cover more than protects the screen since that’s the main function of the devices.

The outside design is just a solid leather cover with a more smooth surface towards the outside of the cover instead of on the binding as you see with books and most other covers. It isn’t beautiful like Oberon’s but it isn’t ugly either. It more than appeals, showcasing the fine leather.

Amazon’s Lighted Leather Kindle 3 cover doesn’t really do anything fantastically except for the booklight, which is by far the best value of this case. It beats the competition in that fashion and that benefit more than makes up for any other deficiencies that it lacks in design or protection. This is probably one of the most functional Kindle 3 covers and the booklight really makes it worth it. 

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