Tuff-Luv Eco-nique Natural Hemp Autumn Brown Case Cover For Amazon Kindle 3 – Book Style Review

Matthew Torino May 17, 2011 0

As we’ve been diving into Kindle cases and soon iPad 2 cases at pnosker.com, we have another brand to bring to your attention today: Tuff-Luv. And while their designs may not be as simple as Amazon’s or as elaborate as M-Edge’s, their Kindle 3 covers bring something else to the table: an eco-friendly attitude. Here’s our review of the Eco-nique Natural Hemp Autumn Brown Case Cover For Amazon Kindle.


This case isn’t going to turn heads like the New Yorker M-Edge cases or let people see you carrying leather bound books or anything like that. It’s not as elegant as Oberon Design’s but it rivals them in terms of functionality. It has all the features of the aforementioned covers as the Kindle 3 is protected beautifully within the confines of the cover.

Nothing’s getting to the Kindle when it’s inside this cover. It’s thicker than most of the others save Oberon and really makes due with a material that you don’t normally see in this context. Leather is the favored Kindle cover ingredient but Tuff-Luv has embraced hemp.

It’s a more environmentally favored solution as the cover is completely natural and has a great feel to it as well. Like the leather, it maintains the feel of an old time book from the 40s. Your skin gets dry on your fingers and you can really get a grip on this thing.

Also as opposed to most leather covers, the hemp allows the company to sew in a design on the front of the cover, giving it yet another quality of a real book.

You can also fit notes, card, and whatever other personal items you need on the go on the left hand side of the cover as most of the competition is doing today as well.

While there aren’t any flashy components to this cover, the hemp provides a different experience and really helps you get a grip on the cover, preventing the Kindle from falling. It would probably be protected anyway in this stylish, convenient, environmentally friendly Amazon Kindle 3 cover from Tuff-Luv.

[Tuff-Luv Eco-nique Natural Hemp Autumn Brown Case Cover for Amazon Kindle 3-Book Style]-$52.99

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