Outland Review [Xbox Live Arcade]

Will Anderson May 11, 2011 0

30,000 years ago, the goddess Chaos was imprisoned.  In this new platformer from Ubisoft and Housmarque, Chaos’ day has come.  She’s has once again been unleashed, and it’s your task to put her back where she belongs.  But can you overcome the trials in which you are about to embark in the world of OutLand?


OutLand is a 2D puzzle platformer that’s managed to pilfer a little something from everything to create a base to build an excellent game upon.  As you run, jump and fight your way through the world of OutLand, you use your opposing forces of light and dark (blue and red) to attack your enemies based on their color and to navigate obstacles you come across during the game.  Smooth controls and an intuitive control scheme help you meet the challenges you face as you navigate bridges and platforms of one color while taking on enemies or traps of an opposing color in rapid succession.


Boss battles are epic as well.  The enemy bosses take up large portions of the screen and carry out devastating attacks that can quickly take you down if you don’t pay attention and aren’t quick on your feet.  Many bosses will require you to fight for a while and then chase them down to another area to finish them off.  Each boss requires a different method to take them down, but the approach remains essentially the same.  Pay attention to their color, and attack with the opposing color while dodging their attacks. 

Along with the exceptional game play comes the gorgeous art and beautiful music.  The environments and models are breathtaking with beautiful colors draped around Asian influenced artwork throughout.  Accompanied by a score that’s powerful and moody, the game is as much a delight to look at as to play.  Oftentimes you’ll find yourself getting lost in the sheer beauty of the game. 

OutLand is a game that is exceptionally hard to find something wrong with.  It’s quite possibly one of the best games to hit Xbox Live Arcade this year.  And for 800 Microsoft Points, it is most certainly something not to be overlooked.

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