Manny Pacquiao Injured In Car Accident Before Fight with Shane Mosley

Matthew Torino May 8, 2011 0

There was some intrigue added tonight prior to the much anticipated Manny Pacquiao-Sugar Shane Mosley bout in Las Vegas. Via TMZ, Internet celebrity gossip overlord, Pacquiao apparently got into a car accident in Sin City prior to the fight.

The news from the site most known for ambushing unsuspecting celebrities and showing Charlie Sheen at his house broke the story of the pound for pound best fighter getting into a fender bender that will have no impact on the fight. He was unhurt and will have no problem taking on the 39-year old Mosley tonight in Vegas.

The story spread like wildfire across Twitter and Facebook and eventually up to ESPN. It just shows you that even Internet enterprises can break stories themselves. Even TMZ. 

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