M-Edge Cambridge Jacket for Amazon Kindle 3

Matthew Torino May 8, 2011 0

The M-Edge Cambridge Jacket for the latest generation of Amazon Kindle is different than all the other cases and jackets we’ve reviewed for the leading e-reader. It feels different. It looks different. It’s just better.


 If you want schnazzy covers with all different types of designs on them, then by all means go design your own covers on MyEge, where you can make your own or buy ones that others have made. We’ll soon have a review of this service as well but for now let’s focus on the Cambridge.

It’s simple. That’s the first and most important thing to know about it. There aren’t fancy pockets like in the Metro Portfolio or iconic covers as the New Yorker Jackets exhibit. This looks like something different. You can tell it’s not supposed to look like a jacket. It’s supposed to look like a book.

The New Yorker Jacket kind of went for this but ultimately with the smooth feel and nature of the design and spine, you could tell easily with the naked eye that it wasn’t a physical book. It’s much harder with the Cambridge (unless you utilize the slot built in for the eLuminator booklights).

It looks just like a leatherbound book. The spine and area encroaching onto the front and back is genuinely made of leather and contrasts beautifully with the canvas body of the design. You can feel the difference and when you handle it, it will dry out your hands in a similar manner to an aged book. It’s a feel most other jackets haven’t been able to replicate.

The exterior is also treated with ScotchGard so the outside will stay clean and keep that same quality. It won’t be worn down.

The inside is made of luxurious wool that will protect the Kindle’s screen from cracking and help stop scratches and scrapes on the body of the device. I’ve never had any problems with any M-Edge products in this regard and don’t expect to with this device over time either.

When you combine the feel and protection that this M-Edge Cambridge Jacket offers, I’m not sure there’s any solution on the market that more directly duplicates the feel of a genuine book. It may not have all the features of the Metro Portfolio or the signature of the New Yorker designs, but it has more class than the other two put together and this classical design is my personal favorite of all the jackets I’ve reviewed.

*image not product in hand. This product is made specifically for Amazon Kindle 3

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