M-Edge Metro Portfolio for Amazon Kindle 3 Review

Matthew Torino May 7, 2011 0

When you initially look at the M-Edge Metro Portfolio for the third generation of Amazon Kindle, the outside may just look like an ordinary old Kindle case. It’s a little strangely shaped and may seem a little bulky, but once you open it up you’ll know why. It’s so much more than a Kindle case.


The Metro Portfolio can essentially fill in all the ways that a Kindle doesn’t live up to something like an iPad. You can put in a notebook, credit cards, pencils and really anything your heart desires. It’s basically a small backpack that is specifically designed to hold a Kindle.

The e-Luminator booklights of course can fit inside the spine of the case so that’s not a problem even with its unconventional design and there seems to be even more padding in this case to protect the screen from cracking, previously one of the Kindle’s biggest problems and faults.

While the outside is microleather like most other M-Edge cases, the inside is microsuede and really feels awesome. It’s so smooth you can’t imagine any possible way for your Kindle to have any kinds of scratches or scrapes, not that these would be a problem anyway.

There are a total of six credit card slots inside on the left hand side, parallel to the Kindle space as well as a half inch at least of room for whatever else you desire to fit in. It’s a small purse or backpack.

All in all, this isn’t that much different from the standard Kindle case except it takes it to the next level. This is what a Kindle case should eventually become. This combines a wallet or purse with a Kindle carrying case, making the Kindle part of your everyday routine and we couldn’t be more excited. 

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