Sony Press Conference: PSN Back Up This Week, Credit Card Numbers Not Confirmed Stolen

Matthew Torino May 1, 2011 0

Sony held its long awaited press conference tonight regarding the PSN hack and its future. As expected, there weren’t any concrete details regarding new security and it’s already been confirmed there are no new features as of now so what did we get? 

Sony says they’re working on a much more sophisticated security system out of San Diego and have enlisted the FBI’s help in fixing the security problems. There remains no evidence that credit card numbers have been stolen but security codes have not been. Sony urges users to keep tabs on their credit card accounts though as they believe it was possible they were compromised by these sophisticated hackers.

PSN will be back up this week apparently and users will receive a free software gift which will be determined by which region they reside in. They gifts are unknown yet but all PSN users will receive one free month of PlayStation Plus.

Sony’s at least trying to make up for their incompetence with gifts like these and not just turning their backs but let’s see what they do if it’s confirmed that credit card numbers were stolen. I hope they don’t run and hide.

And by the way, Xbox Live may have been previously been hacked, but no credit card info was stolen thank you very much. Sony has to step their game up. 

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