Apple Releases iPhone 4 in White

Matthew Torino April 28, 2011 0

In a move that may be designed to tide over potential iPhone buyers until the iPhone 5 is eventually released this fall (in all likelihood), Apple has released the iPhone 4…in white. There aren’t any new features or anything like that. It’s just the same thing you’ve already known…in white.

While the white iPhone 4’s won’t ship for another 3-5 days while the black ones still ship in less than 24 hours, both shipping services are free so there’s no difference there. The white iPhone is available for both Verizon and AT&T as you’d expect. It may just be a move to tide over Apple fanboys but if it sells a few, it was worth it for Apple. The classic iPods, which helped launch Apple to its current level of prosperity, were and continue to be white while the iPad 2 was also released in both black and white.

You can purchase both the white and black iPhone 4’s from either the Apple online store or an Apple retail store near you. 

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