Sony NGP Likely Delayed Until 2012

Matthew Torino April 5, 2011 0

Despite Sony's slurping of its upcoming handheld, codenamed the NGP, the Japanese earthquake last month seemed to have other plans regarding its release. While it was originally planned to hit the market this holiday season, consumers will likely have to wait until 2012 to get their hands on the PSP's successor.

Because of the disaster, including the tsunami, there have been production problems that will likely hold up the production and shipment of the device. Sony Computer Entertainment America President Jack Tretton told Reuters that "it may be the straw that says 'maybe we get to just one market by the end of the year.'" He declined to say which region would be that one he spoke of. He was not certain this delay would occur though it seems likely at this point. At least developers will get more for their games according to Tretton. Hopefully this will improve the software and allow for the NGP to be a bigger success than the PSP.

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