iPhone 5 Release Date NOT Confirmed for June 2011

Matthew Torino April 5, 2011 0

It just goes to show you that you can't always believe what you see on the Internet. A few days ago, a Korean site, which was then translated, asserted that Apple had confirmed that the iPhone 5 would be released in the fourth week of June 2011. Despite much evidence to the contrary, news reports jumped all over this. The iPhone would be coming out on time they thought. Not so fast my friend.

Why people believed this is beyond me. Why would Apple, one of the most tight-mouthed corporations in the world, spill the proverbial beans to a random South Korean news site? And why would the iPhone 5 release the same date there as in the U.S. when the iPhone 4 came out three months later in South Korean than in the U.S. The media will apparently just hop on stories to get some hits. There was no reason to believe this aside from them just saying out of nowhere that they had Apple's confirmation. Who knew random Korean sites had the access to Apple that the rest of us dream of. It was asinine from the start.

All evidence points to a Fall release. Mac OS and iOS will be the stars of the WWDC this year it looks like while the iPhone 5 will likely launch alongside its redheaded stepchild, the iPod Touch 5G. No hardware has been scheduled for the Worldwide Developers Conference, where the iPhone has typically been launched, this year.

Sony, a company who has been damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, has also said their censors for the iPhone 5 that they were developing were being delayed. So if they're delayed, how's this thing releasing on time? It's not.

Don't be disappointed when it releases in Fall.

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