Men of War: Assault Squad Review

Shane Chandler March 6, 2011 0

As PC gamers, you will no doubt have tried your hand at many an RTS. If this type of game hasn't kept your boat afloat before, Men of War may be exactly what you're looking for. Mixing classic RTS gameplay with an innovative and immersive player controlled aspect, this title has the ingredients to create some of the most dramatic and intense moments in gaming. This specific version of Men of War focuses on the amazing multiplayer present in the first game, and it flushes the mode out completely to give the most absolutely worth-while experience for any lover of good games out there.

Due to the fact that the foundation of this version is the Multiplayer, there is no specific story apparent here other than the intense moments that will be crafted by you the player. This is not to be seen as a con though as this title has more than enough lasting gameplay to keep you coming back for months.

If you've played previous versions of Men of War then you know what to expect in the gameplay department. Nothing has changed drastically, but there have been some tweaks to the gameplay such as bonuses that include remote controlled bombs and airstrikes. What 1C has brought with this release is some great modes that range from Combat (a quick play mode with armies automatically thrown in), Assault Zones (capturing points across the map), and Frontlines (basically attack and defend). Together these feature over 37 maps! They really didn't slack when it came to packing this game with choices.

Some of the most fun you'll have is in the Skirmish mode against AI controlled armies. The main reason being that you can play cooperatively against these armies. You're basically tasked with overtaking control points which then give you the ability to spawn more units. These battles can get super intense and lead to some great moments. The fact that you can have up to 4 players battling side by side makes this a mode that can become incredibly addictive.

If you're looking for something to test your computers capabilities graphically, Men of War will certainly try is hardest to make your setup cry. Playing this game on the max setting will require some serious hardware so don't be discouraged if you need to turn down the quality. This game is extremely detailed, from the crazy explosions to the hats flying off your soldiers from incoming bullets, the immersion created by the detail is impressive.

The only real issue that might deter some people from picking up this title would be the somewhat steep spike in difficulty that one can experience when playing online. Some players are incredibly good at Men of War, and you will undoubtedly get spanked by them. If you stick with it and learn the tactics needed to overcome each map then you will surely be able to put up a good fight. This is the kind of game that requires you to get knocked down in order to get up, and trust me, you will get knocked down. If this learning curve isn't something you worry about then trust me pick this one up because it will definitely be something you thoroughly enjoy.

Men of War: Assault Squad has taken the best parts from the Men of War series and presented them in a completely different style by focusing on the multiplayer. The combat is intense and the detail put into the world and every model will make your monitor look like a beautifully crafted piece of carnage infused art. Don't take my warning about the difficulty too heavily as every multiplayer only game does require a bit of learning. Even losing looks amazing in this game. Just keep your chin up, go out there, and let the lead fly because this game is a must have for anyone looking to play a well-crafted and superbly presented game. 

[Men Of War: Assault Squad] – $34.99 (PC)

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