A Little More on the Arrogance of PC Gamers

Matthew Torino February 18, 2011 0

{jcomments on}You may have read my article yesterday profiling the arrogance of PC gamers as I perceive it. Obviously it created something of a firestorm on the site and incited over 90 comments combined between this site and its location at N4G. However, with the PC gaming community uniting against me, they did something completely unintended: they completely, 100% proved my point.

My article yesterday apparently galvanized the PC gaming community, uniting them against me in their universal hatred of the piece. That's fine and completely what I expected. The article's title and subsequent content speaks of their arrogance as I see it and they did nothing to stem this tide. In fact they strengthened my belief in that doctrine.

I was told that McDonald's was hiring, that they hoped I wasn't being paid for that article and all vitriol seemed to focus on how and why I was dumb. I'm obviously not as I'm going to law school which probably makes me smarter than 99% of the nerds/trolls that commented on my post. Again, to invoke the last article's lasting contribution to journalism, I win.

All of you out there revolted against the sentiments I brought up all saying how PC graphics were unquestionably better, that their chosen form of game wasn't going away any time soon and that I was just not smart.

Unfortunately you're still all wrong, as I made abundantly clear in yesterday's piece and you proved my point in spades in the comments. The arrogance of the PC gamer completely manifested itself in those comments, with people calling me dumb simply because they disagreed with my OPINIONS. It was an OPINION piece. That's what it's filed as both here and on N4G. Did that stop the condescending PC gamers' lobby from attacking? No.

They deemed their opinions as superior to mine simply because they play World of Warcraft, which from a majority member of society who doesn't play, puts you on the lowest rung of society unless you're Mark Eskey since he's awesome. But the rest of you have no justification for believing yourselves to be better.

Maybe the kind of people that play PC games just tend to be arrogant and believe their form is better. I'm not talking about Farmville or stuff like that, just the games played by the hardcore gamers that play stuff like Starcraft, which like it or not, isn't just "better" than console games. It's equal. Nobody's declaring it the greatest game of all time besides you guys. It doesn't even enter the rest of our collective minds.

PC gamers tend to apparently regard RTS's as being more intellectual than normal games. They require more skill they say and will resolve the way they should. Sounds boring honestly. I hate comeback AI more than anyone else in gaming news today but the fact of the matter is that it does make it more interesting and tense sometimes. And who's to say that only games that require some kind of developed mind of sorts are better? GRAW requires memory but that's its problem. These games are meant to simulate real life for the most part or something resembling real life and believe it or not, not everything unfolds the way it's supposed to. There are hidden variables and unexpected ones that can alter any story or event. Reason #6,324 that RTS's will never take off to the same degree as console games.

The notion of console games being watered down and marketed to the lowest common denominator was also thrown around. While this may be true to some degree, it is a business and if that can help sell games, then so be it. It's a necessary evil. Do you want to know why that doesn't happen with PC games? There are no casual fans to consume these products so they don't bother. It may be more "pure" to you guys, but nobody cares. The PC is the NHL of the video gaming world. But even the NHL breaks new ground sometimes so maybe they're the MLS or Women's Basketball.

By coming out in droves and wholeheartedly saying that I was dumb and you guys were right, you completely proved my point that PC gamers were the most arrogant. Maybe you guys didn't realize what you were doing or the ramifications of it, but you did exactly what I thought you would. I would just like to say one closing remark that will hopefully end this feud and make you realize that you're not right or at least not more right than anyone else: To be effectively condescending, you should probably be smart. If you're not, like in oh so many of your cases, you just sound even dumber. Thanks and have a pleasant day.

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