February 15th: Tactics Ogre, Arcana Heart, and PSP Minis

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Tons of news for Sony owners here today. Inside today's daily gaming update you can find yourself a bevy of news for PS3 and PSP owners including a launch trailer for Tactics Ogre, an announcement regarding a new game coming west, and even a date on another Painkiller game?!?!


Tactics Ogre drops on both the PSN and on-disc for the PSP today, so that means it's launch trailer time.  This one unsurprisingly shows the game's updated graphics and score.  Have a look see below why don't you?


Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together is available now on the PSP.

[Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together]-$38.99

Just because Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is coming out tomorrow doesn't mean that the entire industry is ready to just stop producing games and give Capcom the crown.  Case and point: Aksys just announced that they're bringing the Japanese fighter Arcana Heart 3 to western shores.

Unfortunately Xbox 360 owners it looks like the American version, which will feature an additional three characters, is only planned for the PSN at this point.  Sony console owners will be getting their hands on it via the PSN this Spring.

[Arcana Heart 3]-$TBA


Just because People Can Fly is off making Bulletstorm doesn't mean that the Painkiller franchise, on which People Can Fly cut their teeth, is totally dead.  Quite the opposite.  Today JoWood announced that Daniel Garner would be back for his next game, and it's sooner than you think.

The next game in the series will be titled Painkiller Redemption, and it will be coming out on February 25th.  The fourth game in the series, which was originally just a mod, will apparently sport 7-10 new hours of gameplay and over 6,000 new monsters to kill.  Best of all, it'll be available at the budget price of $4.99.  We're just hoping that doesn't mean it's a repeat of the last Painkiller game.

[Painkiller: Redemption]-$TBA

Total War: Shogun 2 may be a month out from release but that doesn't mean you'll have to wait that long for some large scale battles.  Today SEGA announced that they'll be putting out a demo of their strategy game onto Steam on February 22nd.

Additionally, the publisher revealed what those oh so important pre-order bonsuses would be, just in case you were holding off on your order.

  • Gamestop: Players will receive the ability to take part in the Battle of Kawgoe
  • Best Buy: Gamers will get access to 1,000 Koku, the in-game currency of S hogun 2.

Whether you pre-order at one of these retailers or someone else the game will be coming to you on March 15th. [Total War: Shogun 2]-$49.95(PC)

It takes a lot for a game developer to call their game "the worst game ever", but the marketing ploy seems to have worked pretty war for the iFun4All guys.  Not only have they created a stellar tower defense series but also they appear to be winning over plenty of fans, enough that their latest game Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder will be coming to the US via the PSP Minis program.

Despite what the developers try to claim, this one has gotten pretty decent reviews on all of its previous platforms, so be on the lookout for Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder when it launches later this year.

[Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder]-$TBA

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