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Patrick Nosker February 11, 2011 0

Well, as you know CES was an incredible success for us. We all had a lot of fun. Because of this great success, we have a TON of stuff to review.

If you haven't noticed, we've switched to become more consistent. Our writers are now pumping out at least two stories a week now. This is better for both of us. It's fun to write but without a schedule, it's sometimes difficult to fit it into our lives. Now that we have committed time, we can make sure it all gets done and that our articles are useful and well written.

I am hoping that we can continue our series on the Internet that our PC writer David Boehm started. Rather than review after review, we can share our knowledge of technology with our readers too.

Another thing you might have noticed is the fact that we have a few new writers with us. Shane Chandler and Will Anderson have joined us as Video Game writers. They're both extremely talented and are very well versed in the field. I hope they can continue on with us for a long time since their articles are always a blast to read. Matt Torino is still with us writing his ever controversial stories and keeping us all entertained. Our video games section is headed by Jonathan Maltz, the new editor of the section. It's his great wisdom that keeps the section rolling smoothly and also helps me focus more on writing rather than management.

In our PCs section, we have David Boehm as the editor with some articles written be yours truly and a new writer to join us, Jerimiah Booream-Phelps. It's my hope that Jerimiah will also cover some Science too. David Liu is also joining us with a focus on mobile computing. He also has some knowledge of audio, so that should be a good help.



Now for what I have in store for you guys:

Energizer vs Eneloop, what's better?

iMainGo X Portable Speakers

Razer Ferox portable speakers

Ultimate Ears UE 18 Pro Custom In-Ear Monitors

Ultimate Ears Capitol Studios Custom In-Ear Reference Monitors

Sleek Audio CT7 Custom In-Ear Monitors


We're hoping to get some cool stuff from Arctic Cooling, Apacer (such as this 32GB SSD drive), Scythe, and more.

Keep coming back cause we love you guys and hope you enjoy reading our stuff.  If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please feel free to email me at

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