Daily Gaming News: February 3rd

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Square Enix continued its dating spree today and put a rather distant release date on Dungeon Siege 3 that was accompanied by some nice pre-order deals. In addition, Konami revealed the last DLC for Harmony of Despair and the fine folks at The Behemoth are giving you a way to support breast cancer research while getting some new content.

After a long series of DLC releases, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair has finally received its last extra content.  Today Konami released "Getsu Fuma Den", an extra stage for the action-platformer.  The last DLC will run you 320 MSP and will feature retro-inspired graphics to compliment the game's obscene difficulty curve.

[Castlevania: Harmony of Despair]


Just like Rafeal Nadal and Rodger Federer, 2K Sports' Top Spin 4 is set up for a fight for supremacy over the court.  Unlike Nadal and Federer though, 2K will be facing off against SEGA and their Virtua Tennis series when they both release later this year.  In order to add some weight to its side of the court, the developers of Top Spin 4 have released a new trailer that showcases some of the legends who will be appearing in the fourth installment of the series.

Top Spin 4 will release on PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii on March 15th.

[Top Spin 4]-$59.99 (PS3), $59.99(Xbox 360), $49.99(Wii)

Swarm's AI director Dr. Mike has made a return in his Youtube.  This time he and another member of the development team take you through one of the levels to show you how the points system works.  Per usual, there's a whole bunch of exploding Swarmites involved too.


Swarm will be launching on Xbox 360 and PS3 this Q1.


Given that this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a couple of game developers are doing their small part to go pink for the cure.  The latest is The Behemoth, makers of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers.  The indie developer announced today that they are releasing the Pink Knight Pack, a set of DLC which will include The Pink Knight and four additional weapons.

The best part about the release?  One-hundred percent of the revenue generated by the sale will go to supporting breast cancer research.

The pink knight pack will be out on PSN on February 8th.  There's no date yet on an XBLA release but it will be coming to Microsoft consoles eventually.

[Pink Knight Pack]-$1.99(PSN)

Square Enix is on an absolute dating tear this week.  First they announced release dates for The 3rd Birthday and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection on the PSP and now they've given Dungeon Siege 3 a release date.  You'll get the chance to play one of the four characters defending the land of Ehb come May 31st.

Also announced were a bevy of pre-order bonuses from pretty much every retailer imaginable.

  • Gamestop: the Burning Band of Scorch, an in-game ring that increases your raw damage, and the Talisman of the Grand Mage, an in-game necklace that reduces incoming damage and grants an additional attack.
  • Steam: Single Player versions of both Dungeon Seige I and Dungeon Siege II
  • Amazon.com: Bite of the Arakun, an in-game ring that allows players to injure their enemies.
  • Best Buy: Sacred Heart of the Legion, an amulet to increase your health
  • Walmart: A Dungeon Siege mini-comic and mini-strategy guide

Dungeon Siege III will be available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

[Dungeon Siege III]-$49.99(PC),$59.99(Xbox 360), & $59.99(Xbox 360)

After Atari announced Yars' Revenge for next-gen consoles a while back, the biggest question was obviously how well the retro gameplay would transfer to the current generation.  Atari answered some of those questions for better or worse today by showing off a new trailer titled "The Art of Yars" which, unsurprisingly, gives you a look at the game's art style.


Yars' Revenge will be coming back in Spring on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

[Yars' Revenge]-$TBA

One of the big features that 2K is touting for this years' installment of MLB 2K11 is "Dynamic Player Ratings", a system in which players' stats are affected by how they performed in previous games, much like real life hot and cold streaks.  2K Sports has released a new trailer in which Evan Longoria discusses how such things affect his game, check it out below.


This year's game will release on March 8th, and after that the race for perfection will start on April 1st.

[Major League Baseball 2K11]-$59.99(Xbox 360), $59.99 (PS3), $49.99 (Wii)

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