Daily Gaming Update: January 27th

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Platinum Games is awesome, so the announcement of their next game dominates today's daily gaming news update.  However, in the midst of all of that we've also got a sweet cameo in the upcoming Dead Or Alive Dimensions, and a new trailer with Dr. Mike for Swarm.  Take a step down the rabbit hole for that and much more in January 27th's daily gaming update.

Team Ninja has a history of bringing other franchises into the Dead Or Alive series.  The team is back at it again with Dead or Alive Dimensions, into which they have shoved a stage inspired by Metroid: Other M.  Team Ninja has released a new trailer showing this new level today.

[Dead or Alive Dimensions]-$TBA

Very few video games explore the world of the early 1000s, but Paradox Interactive hasn't really built up a name for themselves by exploring normal time periods and tried and true genres.  The company's latest game, Crusader Kings II, explores the world surrounding the crusades from a grand strategy perspective.  Today the developers just released an interview with the developers of the upcoming strategy title.

They have also released a new teaser trailer that shows off some of the features.

Crusader Kings II will be released in 2012.

[Crusdaer Kings II]-$TBA

SEGA and Platinum Games have had a pretty successful partnership so far as the two working together have produced Bayonetta and Vanquish, the latter of which we loved.  It looks as though even Shinji Mikami went over to Bethesda that partnership will still continue on.

Today, SEGA announced that Platinum games is hard at work on Anarchy Reigns, a third person multiplayer brawler.  Not much else info was given, but we do know that there will be a number of different modes in which you'll be able to duke it out.  It'll be interesting to see how this turns out given that both Bayonetta and Vanquish were single player only.  Anarchy Reigns will be released this Fall for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

[Anarchy Reigns]-$TBA

The Total War series has always based its reputation on combat and Shogun 2 is no exception.  The series' second trip to Japan will be bringing the same large scale combat to your PC when it releases later this year.  SEGA has released a new trailer that shows some of the improvement to the battle system which is actually kind of insightful.

Shogun 2: Total War will be launched exclusively on the PC on March 15th.

[Total War: Shogun 2]-$$49.95

Who's That Flying?! was one of the more widely heralded releases on the PSP Minis platform late in 2010 and now it'll be coming to a PC near you.  Indie developer Mediatonic announced today that they will be delivering their game to steam on January 31st, a scant four days from now.

The PC version will sport HD resolution graphics and the ability to use leaderboards and achievements. 

[Who's That Flying?!]-$9.99

As part of the Games For The Holidays, Raskulls was a stellar XBLA release to cap off the year.  Now Halfbrick has announced that they are expanding the Raskulls experience with the first downloadable content for their action-puzzle-platformer.

The Raskulls Reinforcement pack will bring four new characters, one new grand prix, and a new "Castle" environment.  It will also sport three new achievements for a total of 50 extra gamerscore points.  Given the name (Reinforcement Pack I) it looks like more of these will be on the way.  Until then, you can pick up the DLC 160 MSP or check out review to see if the full game is worth your time.

[Raskulls]-800 MSP

Part of the fun of HotHead Interactive's upcoming puzzler swarm is destroying your swarm.  The XBLA/PSN game allows you to blow them up, slice them in half, and generally wreak all sorts of mayhem on their little blue minions.  Today the developers released a humorous trailer with Dr. Mike showing some of the environments and gameplay.


Swarm will release this Q1 for XBLA and PSN.


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