iPod Touch MusicSkins Review

Matthew Torino January 26, 2011 0

When you buy a new gadget whether it is an iPod Touch, iPad or an e-Reader, they usually look as sterile as possible to appeal to the least common denominator. But eventually when everybody else you know has an iPhone or Droid, yours won't stand out anymore. So what are you to do? How can you solve this conundrum? One of the best answers I can think of: MusicSkins.

With MusicSkins, you can get whatever your favorite band, TV show, artistic, custom design or pretty much any category you could dream of. You can get skins with band logos, album art, TV characters, anime and many many more different designs that won't compromise the use of your device but still add a good amount of style.

You can advertise your interests not only with what your playing, but as the back of your iPod. You won't even remember that the skin is on your iPod as it provides an unexpected layer of protection from scratches but also doesn't add any noticeable size or bulk to the device. The skins are smooth and scratch free and honestly feel much better than the back of the normal devices. They can be very easily scratched up. Dents will show up when you drop your gadgets but you can use these skins to keep the previous shape in this case and also hide all the dents and scratches. You won't be able to tell the gadgets from brand new ones when you add one of these skins onto the back.

There's a very large variety to choose from in terms of design. The album art skins look fantastic, especially the Tommy artwork. The band logos leave too much empty space unless they cover the click wheel. There's just too much empty space around a simple logo. Album artwork is designed to cover the large space and makes the better skins. The same goes for characters on the skins. They are just normal pictures of characters in some cases that weren't designed to fill the whole skin. The ones that were either previously or specifically designed for larger artwork simply work better on skins.

This case was clearly on display as we received a Tommy album skin and a Muse one as well. Muse's was designed for an album cover but was simply just a band logo that the company had transferred over to the skin. This would be hard to adapt as Muse basically only has logos like this but one has to be custom made for the skin. Tommy takes up the whole skin and looks fantastic. It takes up the whole thing and looks like it was designed for the device.

By no means is this a case and won't completely protect your device from dropping from high distances and huge falls but it will prevent and hide slight scratching and also adds a touch of style as most devices these days are completely sterile. Style is coming into the technological world through companies like MusicSkins. And by the way for the teeny boppers out there, they do in fact have Justin Bieber.

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