Daily Gaming Update: January 24th

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*Gasp* and we're back, new look in hand. Today we've got some news about a European RPG finally making it to consoles stateside, some solid sales for one of the first MMOs of the year. Not to mention sports season is warming up so we've got some trailers of the upcoming reboot of Virtua Tennis.

With the first grand slam in full swing, we needn't forget that there are tennis games right around the corner. Although it hasn't seen a release in over two years, SEGA's Virtua Tennis is back in action for 2011.  The developers have released a new trailer to showcase some of the players that will be appearing this time around.

Certainly nothing groundbreaking out of Virtua Tennis 4, but it's always nice to see the biggest names have been licensed.  We'll see how the gameplay on this holds up come its Kinect, Move, and Motionplus-enabled release on Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii respectively.

[Virtua Tennis 4]-$TBA

The first month is pivotal to any MMO, and if early sales are any indication DC Universe Online is set to become one of the stronger ones on the market.  John Smedley, president of SOE announced today that the superhero MMO has now become the company's fastest selling game to date.

What's more, the sales don't look to be entirely PC driven, as more than half (52%) have come for the PS3 version of the game.  Color us skeptical as to this being a harbringer of future console MMO success, but it certainly is a step in the right direction.


Of course, if you're hesitant about hopping on the bandwagon, check out Shane's thoughts on the final product.

[DC Universe Online]-$47.40 (PC)

[DC Universe Online]-$59.99 (PS3)

Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga has been floating around Europe and PCs for a couple of months and garnering some pretty good reviews in the process.  Now it'll be coming to US consoles under the banner of Altus USA.

For those of you who haven't been paying attention, The Dragon Knight Saga will include the full set of Divinity II content.  This includes Flames Of Vengance, Ego Draconis, and all the DLC.  The developers are also giving console fans a little bit extra for their wait, including a copy of the game's soundtrack with the Xbox 360 release.

PC owners can pick up the game from digital distributors now, but console gamers will have to wait until April 12th to get their hands on this RPG.

[Divinity 2: The Dragon Knight Saga]-$39.99(Xbox 360), $39.95(PC)

It's monday, so that means it's time for another deal from Xbox LIVE this time on the Kinect's killer app, Dance Central.  Four songs have seen their price drop from 240 MSP:

  • Janet Jackson – Control
  • Sean Paul – Temperature
  • Ne-Yo – Because of You
  • Cameo – Word Up

Each of these will now be 80 MSP cheaper.  You have between now and January 31st to increase your library at a discounted price.

Retro-style platforming has been making a comeback of late and it shows no signs of stopping soon.  Today Curve Studios announced that after a couple of delays Explodemon finally has a release date, and it's pretty close.

North American gamers will get the option to download the game on February 8th.  European platformers will have to wait one day more to get their fix.



One of the beautiful things about digital distribution is that it allows for much quicker releases than typical disc releases.  Nowhere is this better seen than in the case of Magicka!, Paradox Interactive announced today that their action-RPG will be released online on January 25th.  If you want an actual disc it will be a little bit later, on February 25th.  Along with this news, the developers have also released a new video interview which reflects some of the humorous side of the game.

Magicka! will be available exclusively on the PC, although there is a possibility of a console release later on.


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