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Will Anderson January 21, 2011 0


I'm Will Anderson.  Thanks for taking an interest in my page.
I'm a little bit older than my fellows here at pnosker.com, but with age comes experience I guess.  I'm a long time gamer, with my first ever system being an Atari 2600.  My father had a Magnavox Odyssey in the house, but we were never allowed to play it.  I've been writing on my own web blog for about three months now, and I've been fortunate enough to be recruited here with Pat, Jon, Shane and the rest of the crew to bring you game reviews and news on Xbox and PSP games.
I work as a Systems Engineer in Southeastern Michigan and specialize in Client Management utilizing Systems Management Server and System Center Configuration Manager on Windows Platforms.  By night, I'm just a mild mannered geek with an opinion, gamer, and automotive nut.
If you want to say hello on Twitter or Xbox Live, just look me up @wanderson75!

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