CES 2011: Calibur 11 Console Armor

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If you’ve been around the Xbox since the beginning, you’ll remember a company called Nightmare Armor from a few years back.  These guys gained serious geek-fame after making the most epic replica of Master Chief’s Halo armor the world has ever seen.  Now the guys have formed another company, Calibur 11, to provide custom armor for consoles.  We stopped by their booth at CES to have a look at their upcoming line of console armor.


Armor for your console?  Wtf is that?  Basically console armor is designed to perform a couple of functions.  First, it protects the outside of your console from scratching by covering it in a hard plastic shell.  Second, it improves ventilation by keeping the vents open while simultaneously raising the console off the ground.  And third, it looks really freaking cool.




As of right now, there are only a couple of models available to pimp out your console with.  There’s one modeled after a claymore, a buzz saw, and just a plain old standard model.  The team is also working on a number of one-off partnerships to create licensed armor for consoles.  Right now an MLG SKU, shown above, is planned, but the team has also signed an agreement with Epic Games.

These won’t be the only purposes the armor serves though, as each one comes with a storage device that holds one controller.  Calibur 11 also hinted that licensing might go further than just allowing for some pretty products; eventually your vault could interact with the game to produce some interesting effects.

So, if you were an Xbox 360 gamer who loved his or her faceplate and were bummed to see them go, Calibur 11 is here to fill that need.  Suits of console armor aren’t shipping just yet, but they will be made available in March to Xbox 360 owners at prices ranging from $59.95 to $89.95.

[Vault Armor]-$59.95(Base Model) $89.95(MLG Branded)

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